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We are absolutely blown away with the responses we are getting from our Firelight users!
They care about their customers!

Posted by George on 8th June 2012

I had a few concerns with my e cigarette when I used it for the first time. I called their customer support and they answered all questions I had. This is my 3rd try at finding a cigarette I was happy with. This one is it. I like the “real” look of it as much as it operates and tastes.. great product!


Best Product

Posted by Brian on 28th Sept 2011

I usually smoke 1 pack a day. I tried the Firelight and to be honest didn’t give it a chance and put it down. Came back a while later and started using it and my first day I smoked 3 cigarettes the whole day. In my first week of using Firelight I still have my first pack of cigarettes I bought on Monday. I acutally just in a week would rather smoke my Firelight than the real cigarettes. This is an excellent product especially for someone like me who only smokes at work due to stress.


My second choice, but should have been my first!

Posted by Shawna on 9th Feb 2011

I’ll admit it; I tried this electronic cigarette because of the significantly lower price and I was pretty skeptical about it. I waited 2 days for it to reach me and didn’t even sweat it because I thought I had probably wasted my money buying a cheaper version. I gotta tell you, I was blown away by the flavor. Besides that, for what I paid, I would have only gotten half of this from my previous eCig vendor. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I think it’s appropriate to say, “I’m yours!” Thanks for making such a fantastic, affordable electronic cigarette!



Posted by jeremy on 21st Sept 2010

I like the fact that I can take a hit anywhere. My mom bought them for me. When I got them I asked her if I could try one hit in her new house.She said no! “she & I did read the reviews” Later I tried one in her truck & asked her if she could smell anything she said no, and now I am “smoking” in her house!!! It does take getting use to but the health issues out weigh the taste!


Nice product

Posted by Tristan on 3rd Mar 2010

There’s only one reason I’m giving this three stars, and that’s because I only just received the Firelight this morning. I’ve used it a handful of times today, and I’m pretty impressed. It actually made me cough when I inhaled a little too much. I have smoked a few real cigarettes today, but not nearly as many as I would on a normal day. I’m going to give it a little more time, and see if I can transition down to using only the Firelight cigarette. I like the design and feel, and I love the taste of the vapor you inhale. The glowing tip was a nice touch too. Customer service was excellent – I ordered online, and they called the next day to confirm the order and let me know I’d receive an email when it shipped. The product reached my door the next morning. With a little practice, I’m sure this will rate a four or five star for me.


Great expextations!

Posted by Valerie Oakes on 12th Feb 2010

I can’t rate this product yet as I am anxiously awaiting to receive it. Before I ordered the Firelight bundle kit for $99(which came with free shipping and I found a coupon for 10% off for E-cigarettes National) for a grand total of $89.96, I called to see how long it would take to get here from Wednesday 02/10/2010 and they said probably next Wednesday and no way to upgrade shipping. Needless to say I was a little disappointed, so imagine my sheer surprise and delight when Thursday I received an e-mail stating the order was fulfilled and shipped with an expected delivery date of Friday 02/12/2010! Wow 3 days form order date! What a great company. They must really bust butt to service their customers! It is on the FedEx vehicle for delivery right now! I have done a lot of research to try and pick out the right e-cig and according to all the things I’ve read about, I think I have made the right decision. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Can’t remember the last time I looked forward to something with such anticipation! I have less than a half pack of cigs left, so I hope and pray this thing works so I will never have to buy those nasty cancer sticks again!!


Husband smokes – I love it!

Posted by Joan on 2nd Jan 2011

My husband refuses to give up his real cigarettes, but the Firelight has saved our marriage. He uses it whenever we’re both in the car together and in motel rooms. The smell is pleasant, we’re not constantly yelling at each other about his smoking, and my clothes don’t smell! It has also been a life saver on long flights. Since there’s no smoke, he can “smoke” it in the restroom when he needs to. :)


Great product

Posted by Gerald on 8th Feb 2010

I just bought this kit last week and love it! I just switched over to e cigarettes and if it wasnt for my neighbor already¬† owning another brand name I would have no comparison. I’m not going to mention the brand he uses but the Firelight puts out tons more vapor than his. I feel really good about finding a good brand of something I was not familiar with. Thanks guys!


I’m very happy

Posted by Travis on 7th Feb 2010

I gave it five star with no hesitation. A ton of my co-workers are ordering now. They are really a great alternative!


First time I ever submitted a review!

Posted by Claudine on 4th Feb 2010

Bought these for my husband! I think I love them more than he does and I dont smoke…lol. He doesnt have to smoke out in the garage anymore. I actually see my husband more often! I do not smell any harsh odors. With him not getting all those chemical inhales…Best thing I ever did! Thanks Guys!


Way more vapor guys

Posted by Lawrence on 4th Feb 2010

This is the 3rd brand I have tried…my search is done. Excellent product!


Very Happy

Posted by Greg on 3rd Feb 2010

I had did a lot of research before I purchased my first e cigarette and it has truly paid off. This thing is amazing. Two of my friends use other e cig brands. Mine blows theirs away…they are jealous! Again..I am very happy with your product.


Best I have tried!

Posted by John on 2nd Feb 2010

Got mine in last week. Love it! This thing is built very well. A buddy of mine at the local pub uses a brand ( I shall not mention) he even agrees its a much better device than his. Feeling really good now. 5 star for sure guys!



Posted by Mark on 1st Feb 2010

Short and sweet!


He loves them!

Posted by Mary on 1st Feb 2010

My husband is not one to leave reviews but I had to make a comment. I am so happy he is off the tobacco cigarettes! He was very surprised, I am too! Thanks so much Firelight!


My Firelight review

Posted by Chris on 31st Jan 2010

The Firelight is simply amazing! My Firelight review. Seriously…great product!


Very happy customer!

Posted by Jay on 31st Jan 2010

I cant believe the quality of this product for the price! Not too often you get a feeling like this when you know you made a good choice in a product.


Love it!

Posted by Kimberley on 31st Jan 2010

I purchased the single starter kit a few weeks ago- because they were out of this one. It’s a great cig substitute! The battery doesn’t last for the entire day, so I was smoking regular cigarettes too. But, today I discovered that my local Costco is no longer selling cigarettes- so, I decided today was the day to purchase this kit. Now I will have 3 e-cigarettes & will probably never again smoke. Now I will just vape!!


Great Product

Posted by MLH on 30th Jan 2010

After trying this out I now give it 5 stars. It does produce substantial vapor. Although I now wish I would have ordered the high strength menthol cartridges instead of the medium because I feel the throat hit is more like that of an ultra-light menthol cigarette. I thought at the time of ordering, that the high strength might be too strong for me. That’s my fault though. I should have contacted them and asked questions because their customer service is bar none.

When the product arrived (within 36 hours) the 2 e-cigarettes were fully charged. I attached a new cartridge and was on my way to the e-smoking experience. This one cartridge and battery lasted me from around 9 AM to about 5 PM with regular usage. I kept it in my pocket or on my desk throughout the day. When it seemed to die down I did as their video instructions stated and charged it for a full 5 hours (via a USB port). While it was charging I had my 2nd Firelight to rely on. I had the same satisfying experience with it.

In a full day I went through approximately 1 and 1/2 cartridges. At the price of cartridges this is definitely a winner. Taking one of these to work with a fully loaded cartridge would get me through the day. Although for me, I would go with the high strength cartridges because I am used to smoking menthol light tobacco cigarettes and I think the high strength would mimic that more so than the medium strength.

I’ve already recommended this product to friends who have now purchased it. I think it is a great segue into e-smoking and for anyone desiring to come off of tobacco smoking. For the price and function it can’t be beat.

Great product and great company to do business with. I have no complaints.


Excellent Customer Service

Posted by MLH on 29th Jan 2010

I’m reserving the 5th star because I just received my Firelight this morning. So far I still crave a regular cigarette because I am not getting the “throat hit” that I enjoy but as I have read forums and other internet links it is my understanding that the “throat hit” will get better as I break in the new device. The customer service on this product is excellent. I ordered it on a Wednesday evening (around 9pm) and it was at my doorstep Friday morning before I even got out of bed.


First time user, glad I tried Firelight

Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2010

I’ve been a smoker since I was a teen. I’ve quit on a couple of occasions for 6 months to 6 years, but always started again. I need to quit – again. I decided to give e cigarettes a shot.

The Firelight starter kit for $49 was an excellent value compared to the others I’d researched, and did not require a subscription for refills. Value was my first consideration.

The first time I drew off the e-cigarette, I got a hit of pure, high strength nicotine that about floored me. I wasn’t expecting that much. However, it didn’t take long for me to figure this thing out, and I have to say I am impressed. I have a carton of regular cigarettes in the fridge, but in the 2 days since receiving the Firelight, I’ve smoked a grand total of 4 regulars cigarettes.

I haven’t gotten anywhere near to completing the cartridges provided with the kit, obviously, but I’ve now ordered more cartridges with medium strength, and then also ordered the e-liquid in low strength. This is much easier going than the nicotine patches were, and I’ve expectations of good success. And, if I have to fall off the wagon again, at least it won’t be back to smoke-filled lungs.

I’m impressed. I recommend Firelight e-cigarettes.


My First ….and Last!

Posted by Old Mizer on 28th Jan 2010

I’ve been smoking for over 20 years. I heard stories about the “E-Cigarette” that was now, on the market. I did a lot of research online and decided on this one because the starter kit price was in the range I could afford.

All I can say is WOW! It looks and feels like a cigarette. Take a slow, consistent hit off of it and throat hit feels like the real thing. Even the little cherry at the tip lights up like the cherry would on a real smoke.

I could have some real fun with one of these in public. A restaurant or store.

I can see it now. Take a hit and exhale. “Excuse me Sir! There’s no smoking allowed on these premises.”



Best I’ve Tried

Posted by S Box on 28th Jan 2010

I have been using another brand of ecig for a few months now and the moment I received my Firelight, I was impressed. It is so small, it literally looks and feels like a real cigarette. I got the regular tobacco flavor and it’s the closest to cigarette flavor that I’ve tasted. This little guy really puts out a lot of vapor, too. I can get a lot of vapor on my other one, but only if I pull on it for a long time. The Firelight requires smaller hits for big vapor which, in turn, requires less liquid to get a satisfying experience. I feel they’ve really hit the nail on the head with this product.


Completely Satisfied

Posted by E. Zimmer on 28th Jan 2010

I’m new to e-cigarettes and I must say that this product is far and away more than I expected! I tried a sample of another brand at a mall kiosk and it was like trying to suck a golf ball through surgical tubing, and the taste was awful and it left my throat raw for about an hour after. The Firelight is impressive in it’s ease to draw in the vapor and the flavor of the tobacco cartridge had a very subtle vanilla flavor and my wife detected a faint vanilla aroma – very nice. I will definitely recommend this to friends of mine who are wanting to quit smoking cancer sticks and make a change for the better. Keep up with this fine product – I love it!


works first time every time

Posted by kathleen augustine on 28th Jan 2010

been smoking 45 years and this worked first time i have recommended this product to family and to friends i have 5 people starting this week on this product will never smoke again as soon as i can get my supplies in the mail as i have ran out of cartridges



Posted by Chris on 19th Jan 2010

I really like this product a lot but the reason I’m only giving it 4 stars is because with only one battery (and the charge doesn’t last that long) what does one do when you have to charge it for 3 – 5 hours? I had to use nicotine gum during this charging time. You really need an extra battery so maybe the other kit is better. Buying an extra battery is an expense I hadn’t figured on.


Too my surprise this is really good

Posted by Marlene on 14th Jan 2010

I am totally amazed. I can see never purchasing a pack of real cigarettes again


Excellent product!!

Posted by Stan Churchill on 31st Jan 2010

I started smoking cigs in August of 1967. Smoked minimum of one pack/day, but mostly 2 packs/day. I haven’t had a tobacco cig since Tuesday, the 26th of January, 2010. This could be a lifesaver. My work is extremely physical and I have been able to notice the difference already.
Thank you!!!!


OMG The best Cigarette ever.

Posted by Scott Coley on 29th Jan 2010

The taste and smoke is so awesome i am a smoker of 25+ years 2 packs a day and me and my wife got this kit and i was blown away.This Firelight micro has the best taste it taste more like a a true cigarette than what my real ones where.We get the full taste and the nicotine so no withdrawls i cant wait to order more i cant talk about it enough for the price and product its well worth it i recomend this e cigarette from 1-10 a 20 and i am seroius thank you e-cigarette national for such a fine product.Shipping was super fast got mine in 3 days i am one happy converted e smoker.

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